Everything You Must Know About Alexa On Windows 10

alexa on windows 10

In this modern era, where everything is upgrading and developing. Likewise, with Information Technology which itself has made a remarkable presence in the development of this tech. world. One of the biggest inventions in the field of voice search is Alexa. Here in this blog, you may all about Alexa on Windows 10.

What Is The Requirement To Have An Alexa?

Alexa is an application that is available on Microsoft Store for everyone living in the US, UK, or Germany. The only requirement to have an Alexa is to have a Windows 10. It does not matter whichever the gadget you are using but one thing is certain and that is Windows 10. 

How To Setup Alexa?

Keep one thing in mind that installation and setting up are two different things. When you have bought your brand new personal computer or laptop. It is certain that Alexa would be ‘installed’ in it but not ‘set up’. So, you certainly need to set it up, which technically is not that hard.

So, to download (set up) the Alexa app, you are required to just open the Microsoft Store and click that ‘GET’ button. And here you go, you are all set to go. In a nutshell, you have set it up.

To activate Alexa on your computers you are appreciated to use the following steps:

  1. From the menu, click the Alexa for Windows 10
  2. Click ‘settings’
  3. To wake up. Check the “Wake Word” option

What Can An Alexa Do?

So, when you have successfully set the application. The next step must be to know what it does do. Because if you would not know about its function, it certainly would be difficult to use Alexa.

You can ask Alexa do to anything for you. By the word anything means anything. Here in this blog, you may further know which command you can give to the Alexa.

Commands That Can Be Given:

As mentioned that you can command anything to the Alexa. Here are some of the examples:

  1. Alexa, what the time is?
  2. Alexa, add two bags of sugar on the list.
  3. Alexa, remind to take a shower at 8 o’clock 
  4. Alexa, mark a visit to grandma on Wednesday
  5. Alexa, play a soothing song
  6. Alexa, lock the door
  7. Alexa, turn the lights off
  8. Alexa, wake me up when coffee is done
  9. Alexa, when is my next meeting?
  10. Alexa, set the temperature of the living room

The aforementioned commands are a few of the commands that you can command to Alexa. Does that give you a vibe that you can ask anything?

Is There Something That Alexa Cannot Do?

As the world is still progressing and till now, it has nothing that is a flaw or can do everything. Everything needs some time and likewise, with Alexa. No doubt Alexa is one of the finest app development till now. But there is a thing that it cannot do either. What is that?

“The Alexa Cannot Operate Outside UK, US, Or Germany. And Cannot Operate With OS Other Than 10”

At first, it seems cool and efficient. But its biggest quality is its only flaw. For instance, you are living in the US and for some reasons, you have to go out. So now you are at risk because Alexa might would not work there. You might get lucky, but would you take a risk?

Here is another thing that Alexa does not have it and that is the Alexa fails to control Spotify, Pandora, and TuneIn. So, these are a few of the things that Alexa cannot do. But do not worry because there are still many things that Alexa can do and others cannot.