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In the field of technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a significant place and it has played a vital role in the advancement of technology. In the language of computer science, it is often named as machine intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has a lot to do with technology, it would not be wrong if you may call Artificial Intelligence as a backbone or pillar of advanced technology. Here, in this piece of work you would know all about that includes; 

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • The history of Artificial Intelligence
  • Types of Artificial Intelligence
  • Example of Artificial Intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial Intelligence or in short AI is a technological platform that stimulates human intelligence into the machine and installed a program that is designed to think like a human being. The term Artificial Intelligence can be associated with any of the machines that are designed to have a function of learning, reading, or problem-solving.

If you may sum up Artificial Intelligence in a single line then it would be “an Artificial Intelligence is an ideal characteristic that functions rationally and has an ability to work like a human and provide absolute results” 

The History of Artificial Intelligence:

There is no such doubt that Artificial Intelligence has been studied for over so many decades and still it has been studied and getting advanced day-by-day. Still, now it is the most difficult subject to study in the section of Computer Science. In 1955, Mr. John McCarthy was the one who first came up with the term Artificial Intelligence, even though, years before this topic had been talked but, officially Mr. John launched it. 

The idea of Artificial Intelligence had to face a lot of criticism as this idea is going to work out or not? There is also a Chinese room argument which opposed the theory of Artificial Intelligence. But it had to happen and look where it is now.

Types of Artificial Intelligence:

In the field of technology, Artificial Intelligence has three main types that divide the entire technology into three equal parts and through which we can categorize which the best is to opt for. Here, are the top three types of Artificial Intelligence

  • Weak Artificial Intelligence
  • Strong Artificial Intelligence
  • Super Artificial Intelligence
  1. Weak Artificial Intelligence:

The most common of all the three types are “Weak Artificial Intelligence”. It is not only common but the most limited one too. This type is popularly known as Narrow Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI). The tool is super-efficient in performing one task at a time. It can perform a single task proactively. Also, it has a narrow scope when it comes to terms and advancement this is why it is commonly known as Artificial Narrow Intelligence or ANI. One thing to keep in mind is that weak AI is not designed to mimic human behavior. 

  1. Strong Artificial Intelligence:

The term has its second name too and that is general AI or Artificial General Intelligence, in short, AGI. The idea behind Strong Artificial Intelligence is to mimic and understand human behavior so, it can be said that Strong Artificial Intelligence can understand and exhibit human thoughts. 

  1. Super Artificial Intelligence:

Without any doubt, the Super Artificial Intelligence has surpassed all and has the most of the abilities of Artificial Intelligence. It is popularly known as Artificialsuper Intelligence (ASI) or Superintelligence. It is pro at everything math, science, physics, and more. It is designed to be a pro!

Example of Artificial Intelligence:

As Artificial Intelligence as taken over the technological market. Here, are the top 10 examples of Artificial Intelligence that have no match.

  1. Siri 
  2. Alexa
  3. Tesla
  4. Cogito
  5. Boxever 
  6. John Paul
  8. Netflix
  9. Pandor
  10. Nest