7 Best Child Phone Tracking Apps

7 best child phone tracking apps

Parenting is a full-time unpaid job. You have to keep an eye on your children 24/7. It is certain that here you miss an eye look and there a mishap has happened. But you could not be with your children every time. You must give them some space to grow at their pace. But how is that possible to be with your child and not be with your child at the same time? Thankfully, this modern era has made it possible and has made the phone tracking apps through which you can track your child may know where they are. Here are the top 7 child phone tracking apps.

  1. Xplora 2:

It is a watch that can be worn on your child’s wrist. The application does not require SIM it can be connected with your device. Moreover, this application is not that expensive hardly it may cost you $170. Does that worth more than your kid’s safety? This watch has a lot of features. You can track your child’s live location as long as the watch is on his hands. Also, you can set an alert alarm, for instance, to get out of the place or might to indicate that it’s home time. 

  1. Famisafe:

Here comes another gift for the parents from this high-tech premises. The Famisafe is an application that has taken a step forward and has made a tracking history, which even tells you that where your child had been and for how long s/he had been there. Moreover, through the application, you can block/restrict such applications that you feel are unsafe for them to use outside. You can even set a restricted area alarm that may ring if your child crosses the restricted area. 

  1. Jiobit:

If you have that clumsy sort a child then Jiobit is the best for you. As it comes with an attachable loop that can be attached with almost anything, for instance, shoelace, button, straps, belt, and so on. Moreover, it is a light-weighted device for about 18 grams that can be fitted almost anywhere. Also, you can add a “care team group” in which only trusted ones can be added and whenever your child meets them you may get notified.

  1. Life360:

The life360 has it all. A power phone tracking system, instant alerts, and perimeters. You can track your children or family member whenever you want to. Also, you can create a group of family or trusted connect with whom you may communicate if you are planning a party or something. Moreover, the GPS tracking system is taking care of your concern and has made an alarm alert option in it which will notify you whenever your child leaves the premises or may tell you that the device’s battery is running low.

  1. Angelsense:

Technology has certainly upgraded in every circle. Here is an example the angelsense is an application that is made for children with special needs. This application has a voice monitoring feature, which means you do not need to be with them 24/7 and let them breathe them in an open-air. The application notifies you instantly if there is any unusual activity monitored.

  1. Bit Guardian Parental Control:

Through this application parents can customized application that means they can decide which app they can use and which cannot. Moreover, you can set their bed-time too and not only this but you can block such applications. Also, by this app, you can rescue your child if there is something wrong.

  1. Qustodio:

Another amazing app that can restrict any adult content also, you can track your child’s YouTube history. Apart from tracking your child where is s/he going you can get daily activity details too.