5 Best Tools To Check Your Website Position On Google

Once you have made a site or any forum, your priority must be that whether the site is positioning well on Google or not. Certainly, the content or software you are creating is for the audience and if they would not be able to see then what is the use of creating content or software. Now, the question is would you rather be sitting bare hands and wait for a miracle that shows about the website’s position or you may use a tool that helps you to check whether your website’s position is good on Google or not? Here are the top 5 tools to check.

  1. Google Search Console:

The Google Search Console is the best option when it comes to looking for the website’s optimization. It is the best because firstly, it is developed by Google itself. Secondly, it has many options. This tool does not only detect the website’s position but can tell you about your keyword placement too.

In addition, this tool tells about every piece of information that is on your website. For instance, if you have created content and have attached videos or images in its support. Then the Google Search Console may guide you about the optimization of the image, video, content, and in general, all.

  • AccuRanker:

It is a free tool to check the website’s position. If you are the one who is looking for a bare-minimum approach then make sure you go no further than AccuRanker. Once you are aware of the access of this tool you may get a preview of SERP that is Search Engine Research Page. By using this tool you can look for the results of keywords, content, text, images, videos, and what not? You can track the location of your website too. Moreover, if you feel like viewing how your website does appears on cellphones or any other gadget then you can do that instantly. By simply logging in to the AccuRanker.

  • AuthorityLabs:

The third on the list is AuthorityLabs. This tool is an ideal one, especially for a business profile. Because this tool tells the information about the main or focused keyword only. This means that any other irrelevant detailing will not be entertained. Also, it is ideal because by working on this you can easily view of the ranking your website on Google. In addition, the AuthorityLabs, likewise of Google Search Console can tell about the other’s website positions. To mainly look for a specific keyword or for the keyword that is mostly used, then AuthorityLabs is the best option.

  • SEMrush:

If you just do not want to know about the website’s position on Google but a lot more than, then you must use SEMrush. It is a paid tool. But this worth it what it charges for. This is the best for business profiles. You can look for keyword optimization, your position on the Google page (SERP), may analyze the backlinks, can monitor updates, and a lot more. Also, the SEMrush is somewhat of an SEO tool that gives a platform for advertising and social media but paid.

  • Ahrefs:

Certainly, one of the bests tools to look for. It is the most powerful and impactful SEO tool to date. Good things never come for free, so, here it is the best one which is certainly not free. But certainly an effective one. It is a platform where you can audit your website and can look for the keywords’ optimization. Not only is this but with Ahrefs the platform that helps to compete with the competitors and can help you to check their and your position on Google.

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